Pick 10 golfers and one alternate golfer.
Designate one of your golfers to win the tournament.
  Alternates will only come into play if one of your golfers does not tee it up Thursday for any reason.  
  The Alternate will replace the absent golfer as a pick and as a winning pick if necessary.  
  The pool only allows for one alternate. So, there may be situations where a pool participant has fewer than 10 golfers.  
  If your golfer tees up on Thursday and then withdrawals or is disqualified or otherwise does not finish play, your alternate will not replace him.  
  Points will be awarded as follows:            
  Place Points Notes  
  1st 20 or 25 20 points if any of your golfers wins, 25 points if your designated golfer wins  
  2nd 14    
  3rd 13    
  4th 12    
  5th 11    
  6th 10    
  7th 9    
  8th 8    
  9th 7    
  10th 6    
  11th 5    
  12th 4    
  13th 3    
  14th 2    
  15th 1    
  Cut Bonus 5 Bonus Points if all 10 of your golfers make the cut.  
  Ties   Golfers that tie any given place: See Examples.  
  Non Pool Golfers   Golfers that place and are not chosen by our pool participants may capture and dilute pool points.  
  Total Point Calc   Your point total will equal the sum of your chosen golfers’ points. Highest Point Total Wins  
  Example #1                
    There is a three-way tie for 2nd by Golfers X, Y, Z.(These golfers may or may not have been chosen by pool participants)  
    In this case the three golfers would split the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place points (14 + 13 + 12 = 39 points).  
    Golfers X, Y, Z would be awarded 13 points each. The next points to be calculated would be the 11 5th place points.  
  Example #2                
    There is a five-way tie for 14th Place.        
    Since we do not award points for places 16, 17 and 18, the five golfers would share the points for 14th and 15th places (three points).  
    Each golfer would receive 3/5 or 0.6 points.      
    Fractions of a point count and are not rounded to the nearest point.  
About your picks                
  Picks must be submitted prior to 6 pm EST Weds night prior to tournament    
  Make sure your picks are in the field. IF NOT: You may end up with fewer than 10 golfers on your pool team.  
  Picks will be posted shortly after 6 pm EST Weds night prior to tournament    
  Once the picks are posted on the website the pool will be closed      
  Every effort will be made to record the picks accurately        
  It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of your posted picks on the website prior to the first tee time on Thursday.  
  Notify Mitch prior to First tee time on Thursday if there are problems with your picks    
  After the first ball is hit on Thursday morning, picks as posted on the website will play  
Prize Split                
  1 – 10 Participants: Winner takes all            
  11 or more Participants: 80% winner and 20% for second        
  No tie breakers                
  Prize splits for ties will be calculated like the points in the examples above